Audrey Clark

Unlocking the Successful CEO Inside of Holistic Entrepreneurs

You are an Entrepreneur, Now become the highly effective business CEO

Smart companionate Holistic entrepreneurs can heal individuals, our communities and even change this world. I partner with leaders to make this happen. You know you have yet to reach your own potential but you can’t figure out what is getting in your way?


Do any of the following resonate with you:

You are an energetic entrepreneur who has been in business for several years but now you desire more for your business and your life.
You are a smart, savvy entrepreneur whose business has grown but now you are looking to expand and grow smoothly as well as increase your business reach.
You are a holistic entrepreneur who knows what you should do but you don’t because you are already running full out. You are tired of struggling with the overwhelm and lack of direction. Now you desperately need new strategy, refreshed mindset, accountability and encouragement to become the leader you know you are.

Right now, it’s time!! I can help you grow and activate your CEO soul…this world needs you and your business!


Your Small Business Survival Guide

This guide will provide insight and tools to help you not only survive but thrive as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of being a business owner.


Meet Audrey Clark, Your Holistic Leadership and Business Guide

As a Holistic Leadership and Business Coach, Audrey Clark helps purpose driven entrepreneurs start, build and scale their business without burning out. Audrey’s clients learn how to move through being overwhelmed, define their priorities by understanding their own story and how it is helping them build their business. She helps them bring out their true potential. Equipping leaders with new habits, skills, strategies and confidence, these entrepreneurs actualize their vision and dreams.

Audrey states, “My clients can expect accountability, growth and a custom step-by-step game plan for success. I believe every professional must develop their internal compass and will uncover their own legacy. Holistic business coaching goes beyond helping the business and helps the whole person.”

Audrey is a trained International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach, John Maxwell Group Certified and Certified Holistic Business School Coach. She has been both a professional clinician and business manager/owner and now is the founder of Audrey Clark Co.  Audrey guides entrepreneurs to up level their mindset and helps them go from their dreams to creating the outer results they want. Her real-life experience and knowledge help leaders move their company forward, help them create unstoppable teams and get results beyond what they ever envisioned. Through working with her, they find her a grounded expert to help them ask themselves the hard questions while gaining the skills they need. They are supported by her calm intuitive energy as they move into their profitable holistic dream business.

As a professional, Audrey is committed to her own journey of personal development and remains a student in the study of human behavior.

It’s time to up-level your leadership in your holistic business and move your business from dream to the next – level. You will discover the mindset and business skills that are needed for you to authentically show up in a bigger and bolder way. This will allow you the freedom to do what you are here to do in this world.


Run your business like a 7-figure CEO

Self-Mastery Core Training


Without clarity of purpose and mission, your business is likely to experience lots of stops and starts. In these trainings you will identify your strengths, pinpoint what is holding you back and create a crystal-clear business plan for you to move forward. You will create a well-defined road map to follow and always know what the next step for you in your business and how you are going to do it. With the essentials you need, you will move past struggle into success.


If you want to become a visionary CEO, you must think and act like one. These trainings are designed to guide you on how to step out of the doing mindset so you can lead your business as a successful entrepreneur.  You will have a pathway from running the organization to leading a business. Leveraging your strengths and you business skills and grow a business with more profit, less stress and overwhelm and find time for yourself.


It’s time to ascend into your role as a leader. These trainings will equip you with business skills, habits and mindsets that will catapult your leadership and create an unstoppable business. It takes courage to grow and change. It’s a myth you simply arrive at success overnight but it’s something we all want to believe. Failure doesn’t stop us but moves us closer to success. Get ready to become the fierce empowered leader in your business and your life. You will move past the blocks that keep you playing small, lacking belief in yourself and waiting for the perfect time to build the life and business you desire.


Life will look very different when you step into your new CEO role. You will experience:

More harmony in your life, redefine your focus, and create more profit in your business.

Discover current techniques to support you in developing your business, even when unexpected shifts occur.

Powerfully show up in your business as you, a more effective, efficient, and collaborative professional provider.

Be able to manage your time and energy in a new, empowering adaptable way so you have the energy for yourself, your business, and what is important to you and find time for yourself.

Mastermind Style Coaching

You will finally have a partner. You will be part of a bi-monthly mastermind coaching session with other members facing the same challenges.

Private Facebook Group

Enjoy access to a private Facebook community where you can ask questions, receive timely responses, share your successes, and keep up your momentum with others facing the same challenges.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions

This is a focused supportive environment for exploring what’s possible, create strategies, and convert conversations into action and the results you want.

Weekly Office Hours

Weekly office hours are a great time to check in, ask urgent questions and get feedback for projects in the works.

Comprehensive Trainings

Weekly deep-dive trainings to drive business growth, support entrepreneur leadership, and take leaps in your business. This includes step by step guidance.

One to One Coaching Sessions

Create step by step strategy for working through the program and achieving your goals with 1:1 sessions. Schedule.

Membership Portal

Get access to an exclusive private membership community. Work at your own pace with training videos, audios and worksheets and templates. This is 100% online so you can work on your own timeframe.

Accountability For No-Fail Growth

There is weekly accountably and support to ensure you stay paced for success. You will also be paired up with an accountability partner.


What People Are Saying;

“Audrey is one bright light in our world! She takes the power of leadership to the next level by approaching it with love, understanding, and a listening ear rather than constant teaching and speaking. She radiates so much passion for what she does and it shows in her work, her clients, and her network of referral partners. It’s been a joy to know her and watch her business grow!”


“Audrey is amazing to work with! I took her Leadershift Mastermind class and learned so much about leadership and how to better run my business! I even use the techniques I learned from her in my personal relationships, like with my kids, so the class was invaluable! Even if you don’t have employees, but you own your own business, I would highly recommend working with Audrey!”


“Relationships can make or break a business, a community and even a life. Healthy relationships make both parties better! Audrey Clark Company is in the business of leadership training and personal development that aids in better relationships packed with value! 1 on 1 training with Audrey moves you and your business to the forefront of your industry, community and ultimately our culture.”



Why work with a holistic business coach?

If you have any of the following, working with a business coach should be your next step.

  • Facing a specific challenge or change you want to move through in less time.
  • Desiring to work or perform more effectively or successfully.
  • Want to achieve a goal that you have been struggling with on your own.
  • Realigning or running a business and you need a confidential guild to help you focus on priorities.
  • Anyone who is committed to a business transformation but needs a guide on how to.

Join the Holistic Entrepreneurial Virtual Community

Masterclass Group – This community will increase the results you are after and collapse the time it takes to get there. Working within a group allows you space to create solutions together. These solutions are above and beyond what you could create alone because we are more powerful together. The boost of connection empowers each person to develop the leader within themselves in a safe and motivating environment.

Holistic Entrepreneur Business Coaching One to One 

Running your own business is both highly rewarding and extremely challenging (both can occur at the same time)! Do you find when you are busy you frequently neglect the most important things – like taking the time to assess your progress, plan next goals and strategies? These are things that cannot be pushed aside. You don’t want to always find yourself working in your business instead of on your business. You will find accountability and support.

It is lonely at the top. Having the benefit of a trusted guide can help you quickly gain the clarity and focus about ideas and challenges you face every day. You come away with renewed focus and energy. It will be a game changer for you.


Conflict can be a costly and time-consuming issue in your business. Learning successful pathways and skills to develop an unstoppable team will help you with team retention, moral and commitment. Your team is the most important part of any business. Investment in this area is necessary.


Investment in the right things at the right time can help you and your business reach your goal faster and easier.

Your Power Hour

This session is for holistic entrepreneurs and service-based professionals who feel they are not quite ready or able to work with a business coach long term but are craving a burst of support. This hour of time, working together, will help you get clarity and the innovation to move to your next step. Completing a “precision” questionnaire prior to meeting together, we can focus on what you want and strategize on the “how” you are going to get there.

Schedule a 30 Minute Consultation


You Can Be True to YOU and Successful at Business.

Working together we’ll find the best way for you to show up powerfully in supporting your clients while also creating the business growth you desire. Let’s get started with a free consult to see how I can support you.

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